Guide to a Healthy Diet

Food is the basis of a healthy life. Adopting good habits helps us maintain our healthy weight and feel stronger.

A balanced, natural and nutritious diet, especially including antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and depuratives, is important for the whole population but especially for people with deficiency of Alpha-1 antitrypsin and for those suffering from diseases of related pathologies, such as respiratory and liver masks.

We encourage you to prepare for the Camino de Santiago also with your diet. If you intend, the Camino can be a great excuse to modify your habits and actively collaborate in the maintenance of your health.

Once you make the necessary changes, very soon, as fast as you can, with the strength and much more time available to face the difficulties of the day to day.

We have worked on a brief Guide to a Healthy Diet, thanks to the collaboration of Dr. Lucía García Andújar (Col. number 15/1506835), Nutrition specialist. In it there are a few questions that will encourage you to continue in preparation for Alfas en Camino.

You can download the Guide at this link: