Pilgrim’s support

Alfas en Camino 2018 is especially aimed at people with respiratory diseases due to Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency and their relatives, but also to other patients with respiratory pathologies who wish to join.

The goal of Alfas en Camino 2018 is that all those who wish can participate,  ensuring that the distance to walk each day, as well as the pace, is the individual decision of each patient.

For this we will have a support network that includes:

– Transportation from the hotels to the departure and arrival points of each day.

– Support vehicles en route, for transfers during the day.

– Supply vehicle, for oxygen and / or equipment batteries recharge.

To facilitate the planning of the stages, the participants will have a complete map with information on the differences in altitude, meeting points, areas of difficult access by vehicles, oxygen and / or batteries recharging points, etc.

The safety of patients will be guaranteed by:

  1. Collaboration with the Civil Protection teams of the town councils along which the Way runs.
  2. Communication to the Galician Health Service, SERGAS, to ensure that primary care centers and points of attention of the municipalities of the Way; as well as the hospitals of Lugo and Santiago de Compostela, are warned of the presence of the group in the area.
  3. Availability of vehicles for emergency transfers.