In Santiago

The entrance to Santiago de Compostela will be done in a group, making the last kilometres together from the Monte do Gozo.

The Program of the day includes, for those who wish it, the fulfillment of the traditional pilgrim rites.

Access to the Cathedral will be done through the Puerta de la Azabachería, without stairs. Through this door is where the pilgrims entered the building in the Middle Ages, as recorded in the Codex Calixtinus (the habit of doing so from the Plaza del Obradoiro came later).

Pilgrim’s Mass

The Pilgrim’s Mass is celebrated at 12:00. It welcomes all the pilgrims arrived on the day.

Offering to the Apostle

The Offering to the Apostle was instituted by King Philip IV in 1643 and since then it has been presented every 25th of July, on behalf of the Crown or the Government of Spain.

There is the possibility that groups like ours make an Offering. In it, during the Pilgrim’s Mass, a spokesperson of the group will address directly to the Apostle Santiago with the reading of a text in which we will expose our desire to be diagnosed correctly and in time; and to receive the best possible treatment. It is a magnificent opportunity to divulge our condition and the reasons that have led us to the Camino de Santiago.

The Botafumeiro

With the Offering we will see the flight of the Botafumeiro, a giant censer of more than 60 kg of weight and 1,5 m of height powered by 8 men known as the tiraboleiros. It moves between the ends of the lateral arms of the Cathedral by means of a system of pulleys, and reaches a speed of almost 70 km/h.

According to tradition, the use of the Botafumeiro goes back to the XI century, when it was used to purify the air of the Cathedral, rarefied by the permanent presence of the sweaty medieval pilgrims.

The medieval Botafumeiro was replaced in 1554 by another made in silver by donation of King Louis XI of France, stolen later by Napoleon’s troops during the War of Independence. The one that currently flies is made of alpaca and silver, a replica of the disappeared one. There is another silverpiece that is used only on solemn occasions.

The Santiago Statement

During the afternoon we will attend a brief act in which we will read the Santiago Statement.

Obtaining the Compostela

Also during the day, the Organization will facilitate that those who wish to obtain their Compostela, the accreditation of having travelled the Camino de Santiago. It can be obtained at the Pilgrim’s Welcome Office by presenting the Credential.