To participate in Alfas en Camino 2018 it is necessary to cover all the required fields in the registration form.

Although at all times we will try to offer the best possible support, participants must understand that they are on a personal journey and that they are responsible for their own health.

We recommend that all patients bring the spare parts of both the oxygen and medication equipment to the Camino (the Way goes through towns and small villages where it is not always possible to replace them).

To ensure the effectiveness of the actions in case of a medical emergency, all participants with respiratory pathology should always have with them:

– Updated medical report (in Spanish)

– Complete list of the medication they usually take.

Those patients traveling alone, or not going to perform the stages at the same pace as their companions, must provide the Organization with a copy of this documentation.

In Spain, the public health network has the obligation to attend medical emergencies regardless of the patient’s origin. However, in some cases it is possible that this care is billed to you or your health service.

To ensure free medical care during the Route, citizens with a passport from EU countries and Switzerland must apply for the European Health Card in their country.

Non-EU citizens should consult the conditions and coverage with their health care service or company.